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oil separators
Typical Bypass SeparatorOil separators are fitted to surface water drainage systems to prevent pollution by oils and to protect the environment. The Groundwater Regulations, for example, prohibit discharge into the ground and/or watercourses of pollutants such as hydrocarbons (oils, greases, fuel etc.). Oil Separators separate oil from the water, retaining it safely until it is removed. Oil separators need to be correctly designed, installed and maintained to be fully effective.

Do I need a separator?

Oil may be contaminating surface water at various sites. Sites need to have measures in place to prevent oil polluting the environment. These would include:

  • vehicle maintenance and wash-off areas
  • car parks typically larger than 800 sq. mtrs. in area or for 50 or more car parking spaces
  • smaller car parks discharging to a sensitive environment
  • areas where goods vehicles are parked or manoeuvred
  • roads
  • industrial sites where oil is stored or used
  • refuelling facilities
  • any other site with a risk of oil contamination.

Now Available - Above Ground Separators (Interceptors) in most formats. Contact us for details

Service Offer
Special Offers  

Washdown Separators (Interceptors)
Washdown Separator
(wash area) for connection to foul, from £696 delivered plus VAT
Silt Trap, £318
plus VAT - Click here to see our leaflet (opens in new window)
B125 rated grate, £372 plus VAT
D400 rated grate, £1045 plus VAT

Class 1 Bypass Separators (Interceptors)
Bypass Separator (car park etc.) for outlet to surface water, from £639 delivered plus VAT.

Class 1 & 2 Full Retention Separators (Interceptors)
Class 1 Full Retention Separator
for use in salvage yards and high risk areas from 735.
Class 2 Full Retention Separator from 589.

Oil Warning Alarm

Oil Warning Alarm, from £199 plus VAT (EA PPG3 requirement for all Separators)
Click here to see our leaflet (opens in new window)

A typical Filter AssemblyReplacement Filters from £48:   We can supply replacement, made to measure, coalescent filter media for most makes of separators/interceptors; Just ask.

...and to finish the job:

B125 Medium Duty Manholee Cover and FramceB125 Medium Duty Manhole Cover and Frame 600 x 600mm from £95 plus carriage and VAT.




B125 Medium Duty Manholee Cover and FramceD400 Heavy Duty Manhole Cover and Frame 600 x 600mm from £149 plus carriage and VAT




Solar-powered Separator alarmNEW!Solar Powered Separator Alarm
: Ideal for locations without mains power. Our price Only £995, plus VAT

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seage plant title

With over twenty years experience providing below ground water storage and treatment solutions, we offer the very latest in sewage plant for installation where mains drainage is not practical. All are "package sewage plant" for easy installation and to help reduce costs. Three types of plant are available, to find out which one will suit your requirements, click here.

Special Offers

New lower prices on Conder Package Sewage Plant

6 population
package Sewage Treatment Plant and now only £1799 plus VAT delivered.
12 population
package Sewage Treatment Plant and now only £2295 plus VAT delivered
Buy with confidence; Fully tested to BSEN 12566-3:2005
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water tanks title
Need a water tank, above or below ground?

Maybe you are considering Rainwater Harvesting. Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

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Our range is vast and we have the knowledge to help you.

water tank

Conder Sewage Plant    

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