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Grass trap / debris filter
Our Grass Trap / Debris Filter is ideal in a smaller washpad and enables grass clippings, sand or debris to be collected, allowing polluted water to enter the separator. Size 600 x 300 x 300mm with twin outlets and one or more may be used depending on pad size and water volumes.
image of grass trap

Primary filter
A primary filter, which fits into the trap top, is also supplied and a squeegee available.
image of primary filter

Large silt trap

For larger washpads, we recommend our large Silt Trap. Built to order and available in different sizes to suit various applications.

For our full range, click here to see our Silt Trap & Filters leaflet (opens in new window).

imag eof large silt trap


We can supply replacement, made to measure, coalescent filter media for most makes of separators/interceptors; Just ask.

A typical Filter Assembly

Sampling Chamber

Often there is a requirement for the inclusion of a sampling chamber. We can supply one of these for £195 delivered plus VAT

Sampling Chamber

Solar-powered Separator Alarm

Ideal for locations without mains power. Our price only £995 plus VAT

Solar-powered Separator Alarm

What about Installation?

We offer a comprehensive range of all classes and types of Separators and accessories, competitively priced, to suit most needs with professional installation if required.

Our qualified engineers also carry out separator servicing and maintenance as required by EA PPG3 and with full certification (often an insurance requirement).